Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liza's Beginning

By Snowyclaw

Many of you know of Liza as the kind and caring shaman that first welcomed you to Jamaa, but no one knows of her beginning. It all started when a panda was born in a small bamboo forest, near rural China...

Chapter 1
"Where are you going ma?"
"Liza, it's time you had your own feeding grounds, I can't take care of you anymore."
"But ma..."
"You knew this day was coming, I'm going to leave you here, instead of making you finding your own stead. You should be grateful."
Only because of those humans getting too close, Liza thought. She watched her mother amble away, disappearing through the bamboo. I'm not sure if I'm going to miss her...
Liza spent over a year in her little bamboo forest, inspecting every inch of it, and obseving the curious people that lived nearby. One day Liza heard lound yells and destruction at the edge of the forest. Curious as ever she went to find out what was going on. She found the humans destroying what little land she had.No! They're stealing bamboo! I can't let this happen!Liza was outraged, just because they had strength doesn't mean they should take all the land for themselves! Gathering her strength she went to confront the humans.
"Stop!" Liza yelled. The humans looked up in amazement.
"Stop, you're destroying my home!" She cried out, they didn't seem to understand. A man came with a long pointed stick, holding it like a weapon.
"What are you doing?" Liza growled. Suddenly she felt a fire in her chest, and the world went black.

Chapter 2
Liza felt herself rising, she watched her lifeless body grow smaller and smaller, her spirit rising into the vast expanse of space. She watched Earth, then the Sun, then the galaxy, disappear as she traveled with the speed of light. The stars winked out, one by one, and she found herself suspended in complete dark, or light; somewhere in between.
"This is the world between the worlds," a voice echoed, "I am Father Sky, Zios. Your bravery in your past has brought you here, to a new land, in need of guidance."
"How? I'm only one. What do I do?" said the spirit-that-was-Liza.
"You will know in your heart. Other's will come, but you are the first panda, and will guide the animals,"  the spirit Liza felt his voice reach her very center, warming her, filling her with purpose, "Now open your eyes."
Liza felt the between world slide past her as she opened her new eyes. A grey heron, made out of light and mist, carried her down to the wonderful new world.
"I am Mother Sky, Mira. Here is your new home. Welcome to Jamaa."
Liza found herself standing alone in a forest of bamboo. Walking along the path she found a town filled with beauty and magic. Looking up she saw the glittering forms of Zios and Mira. She smiled.
"I am ready."

The End of the Beginning


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  3. =D These short stories are awesome!

  4. @Anonymous
    I'll try to make one about Peck...

    Thank you! I'm glad you like them. :)


    1. hi snowy claw can u make one about thr fox shayman if there is one lol

    2. There is Amelia the fox one

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  6. Hi snowyclaw! I love your blog so much! So are these stories! They are awesome, I wish I could create one like that!

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  8. try to make a Harper one and I will make a Minerva one (Minerva is my name for the horse shaman.)

  9. Hi. here is the Minerva one.
    Minerva was very worried. today was her first race, and her ancestors were all great racehorses. when the race started, she started off good, but one of the other horses hit her in the side and she fell down, therefore losing the race. that night, she had a dream where she had won the next race. the next day the race had to be done again, since the horse knocked Minerva over. when the race started, Minerva ran as fast as she could and found herself running like wind. that night, a large heron came into her stall and introduced herself as Mira, the Sky mother. then, a whirlwind of black mist whirled around Minerva, and next thing she knew, she was in Jamaa.

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  11. Um not to criticize or anything, and with all due respect, can you change the font so we can read it better. Thanks. And wonderful stories.

  12. Snowyclaw! Hey buddy! Well... you know.
    Can you make one about the Penguin Shaman? Make up a name if u want.

    1. He has a name now i think just got to the zios shop and check the name of his statue

    2. Once in a burrow in a meadow....

      Peck looked up from her painting. "Huh?"
      Her mother said, "Peck, its your turn to go gather food."
      "Okay, mom", she replied.
      When Peck went to the meadow, she saw a lot of fruit. She squeezed them into paints. "I still have time to get food, I can make a painting", she thought to herself.
      But then she saw a bunny, looking pretty sad.
      "Whats wrong?" she asked her.
      The little bunny sniffed. "I can't find my mom", she said. So Peck said, "Come with me, I will help you." So they held paws and in a while they found the bunny's mom. "Thank you SO much". said the bunny's mom, "You are so kind." Peck smiled. "You're welcome."
      Feeling happy she did the right thing, Peck started home. When she saw her mom...
      "Yes, mother?"
      "Where is the vegetables?"
      "But I-"
      "But, mother-"
      "NO BUTS!"
      "TO YOUR ROOM, NOW!!"
      So to her room Peck went. She sighed. She was often understood. Her brother Radish was mean. And so was Carrot.
      That night she had a dream that she was painting a picture of a beautiful heron. Suddenly the heron shimmered and rose from the canvas! She spoke: "I am Mira, the sky mother. You have shown great kindness and bravery. You are destined to be a shaman." Then suddenly Peck shimmered and then saw a- a panda with a staff, a tiger with a cape, a monkey with goggles, a wolf, and a fox. They introduced themselves. The panda spoke: "We are the Shamans. Welcome to Jamaa. You are a shaman as well. Welcome."

      THE END
      So, who knows what happened to Peck?
      First, she rescued the princess of Jamaa, Tafeblia.
      Second, she helped seal the phantom king in a trap.
      Third, she trained a special few to be ninjas.
      Fourth, on a difficult mission she was trapped as a spirit, remaining in the shimmering rocks at Bunnies Only Party.
      By sileahastwobunnies, who was trained by Peck. snowyclaw use this as your peck story PLZ.
      Gift me on aj if you liked it username is sileahastwobunnies. ^ - ^ Bye people!!!

    3. Btw the penguin shaman is named Marco

  13. Can you make one up about Graham?

  14. Hey, snowyclaw, amazing blog! You inspired me to make my own shamans blog! Thanks! I have written a story about Greely! :)

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  28. What a great story, very creative I must say! You write better than a 21 year old!

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  34. Snowyclaw you are the best writer EVER and these stories are so so SO epic
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  35. You are such a great writer you ALMOST made me cry
    ALMOST and yes that's a good thing


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  38. This reminds me of the Animorphs, the Hork-Bajir call the sky mother sky, and some strange pit or something father deep

  39. Awesome! This is a awesome series and,
    you should do 1 on the other alphas! And how the phantoms came!

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