Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Forgotten Story

By Snowyclaw

The wind danced with the sand in the thin air of the forgotten plains. Mira stood on the crest of a high dune, proud and tall, but almost transparent with exhaustion. Thousands of years fighting the darkness can leave even the strongest of spirits without the strength to go on. With this encounter, however, Mira had something different, something she had been saving for a time such as this.
This would be the end. 

Her bright eyes watched the horizon patiently, watching as the darkness invaded the sky, shadows rippling along the sand at a breathless pace. A looming eye surrounded by a swirling darkness rose about the earth, invading the blue of the desert sky. An involuntary shiver ran down the grey heron's spine as she watched the hideous thing she created so long ago creep toward the sandy hilltop she stood upon. A laugh echoed along the plains.
"Give up mother," the phantom boomed "all is lost."
Mira shook her head, eyes never leaving the creature. "I am not the mother of one such as you," she replied, "you were born of hate and pain, and so do not belong here."
A gleeful giggle, one not fit for the ears of any sane creature, erupted from the darkness. "Oh but you are. You created me. When Zios left this world you hated him so; he left you alone didn't he?"
Mira lifted her wings high, "I was angered, but that is but an emotion. You are the embodiment of despair, and so do not belong in this land."
"And you expect to stop me, after all this time? Foolish bird."
It was the spirit's turn to laugh. "I am not finished yet dark shadow. As you said, you are part of me, and what am I but the earth?" Mira's wings began to flap at a dizzying rate as she rose, twisting and turning on the howling wind. Sand rose in a cyclone, engulfing Mira and the phantom.
"NO!" the phantom bellowed, "YOU CANNOT BIND ME!"
The spirit that was once a grey heron whirled through to sky, rising to the clouds and gently falling to earth. With one last shrill scream of rage the phantom dissipated, the shadows it was once made of raced away along the sand. The sand fell and the plains lay empty. Nothing but the gentle whisper of the wind was left on the empty landscape.

And so Mira fell, but is she gone? No, she lies within the earth. Within the sky. She is part of everything in Jamaa, just as we are a part of her. She is proud of our strength and watches over us. Perhaps you'll catch glimpses of her spirit from time to time. The shadows remain as well, but not strong enough to emerge on their own. They grasp at the minds of the weak and the petty, but jamaasians are always there to fight the darkness. Mira and Zios fight as well, though they reside in a place beyond sight. Sometimes we can feel them as they fight the shadows, the earth rumbles and lightning flashes. Even the earth boils over in Jamaa's highest mountains in their struggle. Mira, Zios, the shamans, and us. Those that inhabit Jamaa. We all play a part in the fight against the darkness, and we will continue. The war may never end, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth fighting.

The End


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    1. Please visit The Daily Howl! ( ^.^

    2. i love this!!!

    3. Dumbest story i have heard

    4. I have played aj for a LONG time And I know that story is true... I was in it..

    5. Dumbest story? Your dumb. You dont understand how hard she worked.onr this.

  2. Wow. That was really good.

  3. W-O-W-!-!-! And your picture is very good too!


  4. How could you say that picture isnt that great?! Awesomeness picture!
    Meh blog-

  5. "The war may never end, but that doesn't mean it's not worth fighting." We can make it stop

  6. Awesome story Snowyclaw, Mira still lives with us. :)

  7. I love it! The drawing is beautiful. I think AJHQ should have the shamans walk around Jamaa again. It would very cool!

  8. I'm sorry those who follow Mira, but if there ever is a war, I WILL FIGHT FOR PHANTOMS AND ZIOS!!! I believe stories most of you have probably never even heard. It's fine if you have your own opinion about this, but I remain faithful to the sky father, Zios, and the phantoms are helping him escape. Those who are with me, please buddy me, and check out my blog, Like i said, everyone is free to their own opinion, uncluding me. I AM A REBEL!!!

    1. Tay, Sorry but i would always follow Mira. But im a rebel against AJHQ it is getting lazy. Im JamaasianRebel.

    2. You are free to your own opinion, but i am, and always will be with Zios and the phantoms.

    3. UM.. Toy... How do we know that Zios is with the phantoms???
      MY user is lillidemo12

  9. That's the story you entered in my contest! (Sorry nyan's had something I just..... liked about it...)

  10. The drawing is Amazing!!! Luv it <3

  11. everything about this story is amazing even the picture i think its great and furryfruit73 i would really want the shamans to walk around animaljam again to! it would be so awesome!!

  12. I love that story! I hope you dont mind that I told it at The Temple of Zios But at the end I said "And all that was left was the sand in dunes and a cloud in the sky, oddly shaped like a Great Blue Heron..."


  13. I still side with Mira. I will fight endless wars for her to return.


    1. Forgot to add... GREAT ARTWORK!!! Good story too!


  14. Hi, it is LittleCamKoala,

    such a heart-touching story. the artwork is amazing too! you should get it published in a museam! (to be clear, the story and the artwork)

    1. Cam I know you in real. It's Deedee789 and I feel the same way! MIRA 4EVER!!!!!

  15. Wow.... Now that's the kind of stuff I want to hear about in Jamaa! And PLEASE, you gotta teach e how to draw that well.....


  16. .O.! Your a great writer!!!!!! And A great drawer!

  17. your picture is awesome! and the story amazing

  18. It is such a touching story Snowyclaw! At least Mira is part of us and will be with us forever.But I hope Mira might rise another day to see us in our glory to destroy phantoms. Great artwork too!

  19. Awesome story Snowy!

  20. We are all rebels, fighting for what is right!Together, we can beat the phantoms, ride the wave of victory, and let Zios and Mira rise again! Go jamma!

  21. PS great story and good artwork, Snowy! please buddy me i am eac101

  22. wow that is much better than my version

  23. This story is very inspiring to keep going until the end
    Ilovesonic 000000

  24. i thought mira died since they took off the legend thingy with all the shamans and stuff

  25. What a wonderful story! Please make another. Also, I was always wondering how you did such magnificent backrounds for the titles of your blogs. I am looking into making my own blog and that question has enveloped me with such power.
    Sorry to bother you at such with such a silly question. Please feel free to ignore it. I will check back often, to see if you have bothered to answer my question.

  26. Wow, awesome story! I'm ROCKSTAR255. I love your blog!! Please add me on AJ. Feel free to ignore my question. So silly of me to ask. But if you feel good, Please add me it would be my dream! :)

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  29. *unofficial story*

    Nobody knew it or seen it, but before they died, Mira and Zios had a daughter. They named her mioza. she was a tiny grey heron like her mother, but had the power of a shapeshifter like her father. when the phantoms were created and zios had fallen, mira knew mioza was in danger and tried to hide her, but it was too late, the phantoms found her and locked her behind some boarded-up doors in the temple of zios. to this day, mioza is still locked behind the doors in survaillance of the phantoms. Mira is still looking for her daughter. Legend says mira will give gems, rares, and access to secret rooms to whoever finds her daughter.

    *future story (unofficial)*

    redfire (nikin1) and luvy (luvy23) were playing in their dens when a meeting was sent to a few jammers including redfire and luvy to go to the firepit in the Sarepia Forest. so they went and met West (wst1234) and Arrowstar (ramuffin).mira rose from the smoke of the firepit and spoke: You four have been chosen by me to find and return my daughter, Mioza, who has been captured by the phantoms. you are the only four with the capability to do it, as you have powers i have given you at birth. You must master them. Redfire, you have the ability to control objects, Luvy, you have the ability to fly. West, you have the capability of x-ray vision. And arrowstar, you can teleport.

    *to be continued*

    1. Umm..... the boarded up room is Adventure Base Camp + I found your "Moiza", shes really named Tafeblia. She rewareded me with an ULTRA-RARE heron wings, from the early AJ. Tafeblia is good friends with Peck. They both love art. Tafeblia is pretty too. Shes a ninja!!! She trained me and two others. I know your "Moiza" tale isn't true. Mine is. = - = Mira talked to me and also Zios and Mira thanked me for rescuing their daughter. She had the power of wind. Believe this: Shes the one who makes the chime noises in Mt. Shiveer. Just wanted to make a point.

      From sileahastwobunnies, a.k.a. Ninja Powhata.

  30. Your story was amazing! The picture there to is pretty good, my username is ilovecutechihuahuas

  31. katkit418

    *future story??*

    Clinging to the end

    There once was a bird animal in jamaa (the stork.) but, with the rise of phantoms the storks were clinging on to their numbers. soon the phantoms decided to go and weed out the storks. there were 3 left. Mira, mira's mom, and mira's dad.
    one day mira's dad disapeard and never came back.
    they just thought he was off to hunt phantoms for a couple of weeks but after 3 months, the went to look for him. the final place they looked was the pool of mystery. Mira's mom said, "Oh, where could you have gone!"

    and those were the last words Mira's mom said.

    Chapter 2

    Mira was surviving on berries in their berry-stock but there was few. but she was too scared to go into the woods for more because she was the only stork left. so she ate the berries on the bushes by her hut. a week lated, when mira was picking a apple from her secret apple tree the phantoms found her. she beaned one with a apple and it disapeared in a cloud of black dust. Hmm... this is easy! thought she beaned all the phantoms she could with apples.
    but she wasn't done. when a lizard touched the apple, it awakenend the sprit of the phantom.

    Chapter 3

    mira was sleeping in her bed. the sprit of the phantom was close. then ZAPPPP! mira was dead.

    mira opened her eyes. she was... transparent??? "where am i?" mira asked. "heaven" said her dad.
    "and because you were the last stork the sole survivor, you get this." from heaven you could see mira's body being lifted up and transforming into a golden statue, placed in a feild. and, if you look close you will see her fathers words etched into the surface.

    and she was always rembered ans jamaa's protector.
    The End.

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  39. Could I use a couple of your stories on my blog, Snowy? I would give credit. ^.^


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  43. A Last Hope

    There is an ancient riddle, one that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.Here it is.

    What is the herb that cures everything?
    Thyme. (Time)

    When Peck first told Greely this, he thought of something incredibly important. Mira had given her last strength for Jamaa in the distant past, but if the riddle was true, she could be ready to come back. He contacted all the Alphas, and Cosmos agreed to help him. They searched for her, and at the statue of Mira in Jamaa Township, the begged her to come home. She came, but no more than a whisper.
    "Why have you awaken me from my eternal rest?" she asked in a weak voice.
    "Mira, you can come home to Jamaa. We need you. Jamaa needs you. Please, we beg of you with all our hearts, return home."
    'I have no strength," she replied, then faded. The Alphas cam many times, but she had not strength. The truth was, Mira saw no purpose in life anymore.
    Then, an animal named Captain Loopytoes was attacked by Phantoms, as she lay dieing, the Alphas implored Mira one last time to come back to the life she had left behind. This time, Mira, saw purpose, and came and healed Captain Loopytoes.
    Now, you can see Mira if you go to the top of Mount Shiveer, where you can see the goat hopping up the cliff face. A great bird flies out of the clouds, to Mount Shiveer, behind it, then comes out and flies into the clouds again.

    The Wanderer

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  67. Hey this is your Cousin Podward! That was really good! Wanna try to write an AJ book together sometime? Or another separate blog just you and me write? I didn't know you were that good of a writer/story teller!

  68. wow, that is the best story i have ever heard! thank you!

  69. omigosh i met u today, i love your blog and THANK you for answering my question of: do u like cheese? :3


  70. talk about self obsessed! snowyclaw actually called this blog snowyclaw after herself! shes so full of herself.

    1. It's called Animal Jam SPIRIT not Animal Jam Snowyclaw... Also you seriously took the time to search her blog just to make negative comments? If you don't like it just don't read it -.-.

    2. If your so negative why don't you leave?
      If you have bad things to say then don't say them at all, everybody will be happy if you shut up.

  71. Great! Your stories inspire me, SnowyClaw! Oh yeah, and I remember the time I met you in Coral Canyons! Remember? I was Fabulous ArcticWolf when I met you! I'm biamorawesome. You made a video! Try to find a wolf named: Fabulous Arcticwolf!
    :^D Oh yeah, not to brag! Okay, I said this just to remind SnowyClaw, and NOT to brag to others, all right? Thank you!

  72. Hi i'm Fifuzz and have a question for you. Jammers are CONSTANTLY being tricked into believing fake glitches. If you could warn jammers or make a list of all the fake ones, that would be great. I tried the win sky high x3 and get a rare headdress, now i can't get gems for sky high.
    Yours jammerly,


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